Why Join Double A

   Why should you choose to work here at Double A?  We will give you some reasons you might consider.
    Double A Word wide
    Be part of a global company

    Our geographic presence is one of our key advantages. From Thailand to the Middle East, Africa, Europe, USA and Australia, we are present in all markets that are strategic to our brand. In only just a decade since the international launch of Double A copy paper in 2011,we are now present in more than 100 countries – providing solutions to copy paper needs of our customers from worldwide.

    We embrace diversity

    At Double A, there is unity amidst diversity. Double A offers equal opportunity for those who are determined to pursue a career in the pulp and paper industry. We do not hire based on your nationality or cultural background. We hire you for what you can contribute to achieve our common goal.

    We share a common directed goal

    Double A’s vision is to deliver premium quality copy and office paper to consumers around the world that is produced from a sustainable source of high-fiber raw material, and a renewable energy source to the country from the waste of the pulping process.

    Work with the best and the brightest

    Double A only hires the best and the brightest. Double A employees are from the best universities in Thailand and abroad. If you are from the top 5 universities in your country or if you believe that you perform well above others then Double A is the right place to enhance your strengths and improve through experience your weaknesses

    Infinite opportunities for growth

    We give our employees the opportunity to experience working in various departments. We also hire from within: we give priority to our high performing employees for promotions.