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  • why double A

    WHY Double A ?

    Double A’s success as an international brand
    stems from Thailand and expanded to Middle East
    Africa, Europe, the United States and Australia.

  • Our innovative idea


    From its beginnings, when Double A has devoted
    all of its considerable resources to the development
    of green pulp and paper manufacturing through its
    Paper from Farmed Trees program

    Location Worldwide

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Why Join Double A
  • Culture & Diversity

    Experience working with more than 3,000 professionals from Thailand and various countries worldwide.

  • Employee Benefit

    Fast Track policy for out-standing employee and other benefit

  • Work & life Balance

    Going home on time; No overtime working occurs here, we believe that working overtime may give employee too much stress.

  • Departments & Roles

    Marketing, Channel Development, accounting, Finance and Administration

Applicant Help Desk
Applicant Help Desk
Questions about our application requirements and hiring processes?
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    The Environment
    We believe that long-term sustainability requires our unwavering attention to the 3 pillars of environmental, social and economic responsibility.
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